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Astounding. I just did a quick review of the W3C submission and was left aghast, my first impressions being these: it fails to even attempt a definition of service in its conflation of service and system (very visibly, I might add, with the ill-conceived "service/system" construct peppered throughout sections 1 and 2).

So, Rodrigo, is it just you? Hardly. Ignoring years of commentary and conceptual development on the subject, the W3C apparently remains trapped in their own ivory silo disseminating "language", which is essentially meaningless. At best, what they have proposed is a "System Modeling Language". At worst -- and this is something, frankly, I now truly fear -- the W3C will hijack the understanding of the concept, "service", and IT professionals around the world will keep using this important term, which W3C hasn't even seen fit to define, in ways even more divorced from reality than they have been to date!!! Truly unbelievable (particularly given some of the groups involved -- groups you would think "know better" by now!).

To be honest, I don't know that we need a "service" language other than that we share with our business partners today. "Service", in my opinion, has meaning only in a social context and stripping its communicability by specializing its terms and structure in ways only a professional can understand is, perhaps, the ultimate travesty. Of course we need a simple model of service -- but I sincerely believe that model is going to be one all of us will understand whether we are customers, end-users, service level managers, programmers, executives, people managers, or purchasers of ice-cream. It's about time that we open the dialogue instead of shutting people out because they can't fathom the complexities of the terms we have imposed.

smcd's thoughts ... others?

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