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I've always struggled to make sense of this with ITIL. BMC seems to treat the service catalog as a request catalog, though a lot of documentation seems to talk about a service catalog as a service portfolio.
It has been difficult for me to bridge the gap elegantly.

The IT Skeptic

Hi Rodrigo,
I always enjoy your blog so much. You are far more polite than me but I suspect we are sometimes fairly well aligned in thinking :-)
You might consider posting to the BOKKED database any errors, ommissions or confusions you find as you read V3
the IT Skeptic

Gerard Rendell

I am tasked with generating a service catalog a North America software vendor, and I was trying to find a standard list of business services that a business would have under ITIL v3.

Could you provide me that list, and also help me to define what attributes the service catalog would have?


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