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Managing Director @ Accenture Cloud Platform. Cisco Cloud Computing person. Founder of newScale


Rodrigo Flores is CTO & Enterprise Architect at Cisco’s Intelligent Automation Business Unit working on Cisco’s cloud management product, Cisco Cloud Portal and Cisco Process Orchestrator and it’s big data product, Cisco Tidal Enterprise Scheduler. He works on strategy, next generation innovation and product design with his engineers. He is also a frequent writer and speaker on cloud technology trends.

Prior to Cisco, Rodrigo was the Founder and CTO of newScale where he pioneered the concept of service catalog-driven self-service provisioning. the first and most successful service request and service catalog product in the market. He led the development, product strategy and vision, sales and venture funding of newScale as CEO and CTO. newScale products are now in use at hundreds of large customers with 2.5M users in production.

Rodrigo co-authored the first book on service catalogs, “Defining IT Success Through the Service Catalog” and led the creation and delivery of first Service Catalog course. Rodrigo also drove the creation of the ITIL course and exam for Service Catalogs now part of Expert ITIL schema; and conducted the initial master class.

Previously, Flores served as VP of Product management at Action Technologies' where he pioneered the first workflow management products. Flores received three patents on workflow technology, co-founded the Workflow Management Coalition, the industry standard group that established workflow standards, and served as its first vice chairman.


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