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Prashant Bhardwaj

In addition to above, the Service Catalogs in future can also be used in Strategic outsourcing accounts for requesting new services by the clients from Vendors....
thing like renegotiations of the contracts, enhancements in business applications, or introduction of new business applications etc can all be treated as a Service Request and the Request Fulfilment process can govern the entire request fulfilment lifecycle.

Rodrigo Flores

You make an excellent point.

My note was really about how ITIL v3 sees Service Fulfillment... But as you point out there is a lot of strategic opportunities in a well managed service request process.

We have seen customers using the catalog to manage both the day to day service requests with their managed service providers (MSP)as well as managing the addition of new services to the contract.

In fact, in a few, we are seeing both the customer and the MSP using our service catalog to manage the relationship. The customer cares about control, governance, and making life easier for their users. The MSP cares about efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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