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Jim Walker

Good day. We are having a burning debate as we are moving into the ITIL world. What group in a pure ITIL world is responsible for the care and governance of the Service Catalog. I appreicate each phase might have input but I am not sure who or where the correct/best owner is in the process. Thanks in advance. jim

Marjo Gisberts NZ

Can you please help. I am working to create a Service Catalog for our company, and was hoping to use your templates to help with this. Have joined LinkedIn as required, applied to Service Catalog Group, but am not having a lot of luck getting at the templates. No doubt the problem is user [me]error! Assistance would be appreciated.

Rodrigo Flores

In LinkedIn , the Discussion Board has a topic for templates. You'll find the links right there.


wala po d2 ang hinahanap ko

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